Nigeria Hydrocarbon Measurement Conference

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  • Tuesday 2 Feb to Tuesday 2 Feb
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Why Nigeria Hydrocarbon Measurement Conference?

Hydrocarbon Measurement is the cash register of the oil and gas industry. Given that the petroleum industry is the mainstay of the Nigerian economy, measurement of hydrocarbon flows is critical because it allows the government to forecast annual revenue which is a significant component of the national budget. To the operator, it is essential because it enables decision-making regarding field allocation, production monitoring, and reservoir management. There are always new developments in hydrocarbon measurement technology and practices for which the operators, regulators, OEM, and other players must know to stay ahead.


Given the importance of hydrocarbon measurement, metering and monitoring to field performance and financial flows to the operators/partners and government, there is a need for the oil and gas sector in Nigeria to have a forum for sharing of knowledge, experiences, and challenges for the benefit of the industry

What will the conference be discussing?

The conference will focus its discussions on the following topical issues:


Session 1: Best Practices in Oil and Gas fiscal Measurement—Maximising the value of the DPR Guidelines


Session 2: Improving natural gas production profitability through accurate and reliable flow measurement


Session 3: Upstream production measurement, monitoring and accounting for field optimisation and revenue maximisation





Online via Zoom and Youtube