Research Consulting

Does your business require evidence to support a critical decision?

We can deploy our research expertise to help you conduct evidence-based research and analysis that would inform your decision making.

Policy Support

Do you require data to support your policy strategy?

Our army of field surveyors, desk-based researchers, and analyst are capable of obtaining accurate data for your project. We also have the tools and expertise to carefully analyse the data to arrive at a conclusion that would support your strategy.

Productivity improvement

Are you looking for new ways to optimize your asset performance and eliminate inefficiencies?

We adopt a bespoke integrated approach, which is both organizational and technological, to help our clients deliver speedy, scalable and sustainable results.

Energy Systems Advisory

Would you like to reduce your energy consumption and increase profitability?

We have a team of energy efficiency and process improvement experts that would help you optimize your system to reduce energy consumption and increase profitability.

Techno-economic Analysis

Do you want your investment decision to be informed by strong technical and economic criteria?

We combine industry experience and technical expertise to help our clients evaluate, compare or juxtapose technologies in terms of technical performance, operational efficiency, energy efficiency and economics.




Why Choose Us?

QUALITY PEOPLE Our work requires people with strong mental capabilities. Our consultants have unparalleled knowledge and experience of their industry. They are very professional and client-centric. They are good with analysis as they pay attention to details that an average consultant may not even see.

QUALITY WORK We work alongside our clients to ensure that the work we deliver is of the highest standard possible. Our definition of a quality work is when our recommendations completely resolve our client’s problem. We not only deliver the work; we also guide the client to ensure seamless implementation of the recommendations.

DEPENDABLE We match our words with actions. We deliver all our projects on time no matter the complexity of the problem at hand. We also understand the need to obtain quality data to support client decision making. We spend time and resources to ensure that we obtain accurate data that would back our recommendations.


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