About Us

About Us

We are an independent research and consultancy company helping organisations resolve complex problems in the Oil and Gas industry, Power, Manufacturing, Telecoms & Technology (T&T), and water sector. We were first registered in England, the United Kingdom, in 2014 as a partnership known as KSND Oil and Gas Consultants. In 2016, we incorporated the business in Nigeria as Fleissen & Company Limited. Since then, we have executed projects spanning from the petroleum industry to educational institutions. Our strength is our ability to source, identify, and analyse critical information and present the findings in a manner that is easy to understand by our client. Our consultants and analysts have strong research skills and understanding of their industry to support client projects, whether big or small.

Our Mission


We Solve challenging problems using first principles approach backed by data and thorough analysis. We are never over-familiar with any question—we tackle all issues with a fresh perspective. We hate the 'cut and paste approach' to solving problems, and we are always on a look for novel ways of tackling client's issues. It does not matter the project's size; we will stay with it until we get the client's desired result.

Our Vision

To help create sustained value for the client in a cost-effective and timely manner

Our Values

•  Maintain high ethical standards

•  Always exceed the client's expectations

•  Maintain an objective perspective 

•  If it is not right, we will not do it

•  Maintain a high-level of confidentiality with client's data